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The Institute of Political Leadership emerged in 2006 from Delhi

The Idea was given by our Honorable director Mr. Shahnawaz Chaudhary
He was concerned about the lack of integrity found in our political system & ....

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Personalized Election Management Training

This is a personalized training for candidates of particular political party. Those candidates who don’t want to attend ...

How to Win Elections

This is a practical training for those who want to contest any election in near future. Those who don’t want to contest the election but want to learn ...

Political Training

This is a complete training programme which includes theoretical knowledge as well as practical training of Candidates or his/her Team member...

How to Improve Leadership

This training is about public speaking & stage handling. In this training we try to emphasize more on public speaking so opportunities will be provided time to time...


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Election Management Kit

We have developed this election management kit which has all the details about elections management & things required during Elections. The kit also includes two audios of 1 hour each on Booth Level Management & 75 ways of Promotion. Institute of Political Leadership provides this Election Management kit to only one candidate in one Constituency. The kit is provided on first come first serve basis. Grab the copy of your election management kit today, before it’s too late.
Points to be covered in kit:

  • In-depth Strategy of the Election.
  • How to make all the teams which are needed in Election?
  • What kind of people we need in all 9 teams?
  • How to find Suitable people for Different teams?
  • Drawbacks of use of known people in Elections.
  • How to make list of issues in Constituency?
  • How to Conduct survey in your favor if you are Sitting MP/MLA ?
  • How to cross check the Functioning of Team members?
  • Complete strategy of Campaigning/Promotion.
  • Strategy of booth level management.(Audio)
  • 75 Ways of Promotion in Election. (Audio)
  • Strategy to increase voter turnout in candidates favor.
  • Things required during Elections.
  • How to do voters verification & its use in Elections?
  • Things which candidate must do One Year/Six months/Three months & one Month before the Election.
  • How to use man to man marking & individual voters Analysis?
  • How to use shadow Campaigning & its Implementation in Elections?
  • Modern & Traditional ways of promotion & their usage.
  • Rules of wave Building.
  • Strategy of Single Booth Analysis.

Remember, Election is a serious task, so don’t take it lightly. At the end wining of election matters a lot even if it’s by one vote.
All the best for your Election.

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We provide best solution for your Problems


Personalized Election Management Training
How to Win Elections
Political Training
How to Improve Leadership
One year Training of Complete Political Leadership & Governance
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