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One year Training of Politics & leadership (TPL)

This is a complete training programme which includes theoretical knowledge as well as practical training of Candidates or his/her Team member. The focus of training is on Political as well as Leadership of Candidates. The classroom training includes detail study about Indian Political System and its functioning. Opportunities will be given to speak on stage and to develop confidence to face the public. Following topics which will be covered in training are :

• How to become successful politician?
• How to convey our message to public?
• Meaning of a politician?
• Why most of the (99%) People Fail in Politics?
• About model code of conduct?
• How to make a good start in politics?
• How to break Cast & Religion Barrier?
• Difference of a politician & social worker?
• Traits of a successful politician?
• Things which stop you to get success in politics?
• How to win election?
• Strategy of successful politicians?
• Strategy of attal je/ advani Je to win the election?
• How Indra je Establish herself after Defeat?
• What Idea Rajeev je given to win election?
• Formula of Amit Shah Je for election management?
• History of political system.
• Strategy of AAP for getting huge success?
• Formulas by which anyone can win the election?
• How kashiram Je Got success? Started from a govt. Service how he form India’s third largest Party?
• Difference between successful & failed Politician?
• Challenges in becoming a successful politician?
• What should we do to grow in politics?
• Team of the successful politicians?
• People who will never get success in politics?
• How to make team (team building) for election?
• How to generate funds?
• Some political mysteries of history?
• Representation of people’s act?
• How to influence voters? (Modern/Traditional ways)
• How to do shadow campaigning?
• How to do wave Building?
• How to get ticket from different Political Parties?
• How to do election management?
• The topics on which public get influenced in election?
• Activities which you should do One year before the election?
• Activities which you should do six month before the election?
• Activities which you should do three months before the election?
• Activities which you should do one month before the election?
• How to grow in your party/Organization?
• Definition of Leadership?
• What are the Parameters of Leadership?
• How to make a perfect Speech on Stage?
• Traits of Effective Communication?
• How to take part in Debate?
• How to Improve Speaking Skills?
• How Improve Pronunciation?
• How to Become Good Team Leader?
• How to control Pitch of Voice in speech?
• How to control Body Gestures on stage?
• Use of Voice Modulation in speech?
• The art of Stage Handling.
• Rules of Group Discussion?
• Use of Couplets and Phrases in speech?
• How to Connect People with Speech?
• Just a Minute Extempore?
• How to Remove Stage Fear?
• How to judge the Scale of Leadership?
• What are the Rules of Leadership?
• Mistakes in Leadership?
• Problems of Leadership?
• Difference between Good & Bad Leaders.

Fee Structure
Duration – 1 year, Classes will be provided once a week for Three hours.
Admission Fee – Rs. 5,000/- + service Tax
Course Fee – Rs.1,15,000/- + service Tax

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