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Personalized Election Management Training (PEMT)

This is a personalized training for candidates of particular political party. Those candidates who don’t want to attend training in group may opt for this training. It includes complete election management training of candidate & his/her team. Following sections of election will be covered in this training.

A. Topics of Training

• History of your party. (If it’s a national or state Recognized party)
• Strategy of Present & Past political leaders of your party.
• Contribution of your organization towards County or states.
• How change perception of people about your party.
• How to grow in your party.
• How to convince party to give tickets to you.
• How to motivate people to join your party.
• How to tell people about achievements of your party.
• Give training to candidate or His/Her representative once a month for three hours.
• Helps in formation of all nine teams which require during elections.
• Training of team of up to 30 Team members (±5)
• Helps in fund raising and guidance about how to get tickets from a particular party.
• Helps in formulation of strategy of Campaigning and promotion.
• Motivation of candidate, Team & workers (Karyakarta)
• Strategy of booth level management.
• Guidance about voters awareness & to increase voters turnout in your favor
• Training of team of candidate about voters list verification & voters contact details.
• Training about man to man marking (Individual voters Analysis )
• Training about shadow Campaigning & their functioning.
• Information about modern ways of promotion & their usage.
• Wave building training of team 7 candidate
• Training about single booth analysis.
• Individual constituency study and to make strategy to make caste/ Religion combination in candidates favor.
• Guiding about Booth level management.

B. After training services.

• Sir/His team will help in formulation of Strategy best suited for your constituency & help in its implementation.
• Sir and the team will monitor, support, advice and help in doing all the election related work.
• In Delhi NCR, he will give 4-6 visits to the constituency, personally with his team and monitor the functioning of all activities. In other states, he will visit twice or thrice during election period for two days but stay in constituency for 24×7. (Lodging & Boarding will be provided by candidate)
• You may contact Sir at any point of time on phone or email as and when required, he will be happy in helping you.
• After election, he may help the candidate in managing his/her constituency as MP/MLA.

Fee Structure
Duration – For one year, classes will be provided once a month for three hours.
Admission Fee – Rs. 10,000/- + service Tax
Course Fee – Rs.7,90,000/- + service Tax

Note:-Travelling, accommodation and meal charges of team and candidate will be afforded by the Candidate himself/ herself.

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