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Six Months training of How to Improve Leadership (HTIL).

This training is about public speaking & stage handling. In this training we try to emphasize more on public speaking so opportunities will be provided time to time to remove stage fear. Following topics will be covered in training :

• Definition of Leadership?
• What are the Parameters of Leadership?
• How to make a perfect Speech on Stage?
• Traits of Effective Communication?
• How to take part in Debate?
• How to Improve Speaking Skills?
• How Improve Pronunciation?
• How to Become Good Team Leader?
• How to control Pitch of Voice in speech?
• How to control Body Gestures on stage?
• Use of Voice Modulation in speech?
• The art of Stage Handling.
• Rules of Group Discussion?
• Use of Couplets and Phrases in speech?
• How to Connect People with Speech?
• Just a Minute Extempore?
• How to Remove Stage Fear?
• How to judge the Scale of Leadership?
• What are the Rules of Leadership?
• Mistakes in Leadership?
• Problems of Leadership?
• Difference between Good & Bad Leaders.

Fee Structure
Duration – 6 Months, Classes will be provided once a week for Three hours.
Admission Fee – Rs. 5,000/- + service Tax
Course Fee – Rs.65,000/- + service Tax

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