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Six Months Training of How to Get Success in Politics (HTGSP)

This is a complete training programme which includes theoretical knowledge as well as practical training of Candidates or his/her Team member. The focus of training is on all Political aspects which a candidate should know. The classroom training includes detail study about Indian Political System, constitution of India & and its functioning. Opportunities will also be given to visit Lok Sabha, Rajya sabha & Central hall of Parliament to have the feel of power centre. Following topics which will be covered in training are :

• How to become successful politician?
• How to convey our message to public?
• Meaning of a politician?
• Why most of the (99%) People Fail in Politics?
• About model code of conduct?
• How to make a good start in politics?
• How to break Cast & Religion Barrier?
• Difference of a politician & social worker?
• Traits of a successful politician?
• Things which stop you to get success in politics?
• How to win election?
• Strategy of successful politicians?
• Strategy of attal je/ advani Je to win the election?
• How Indra je Establish herself after Defeat?
• What Idea Rajeev je given to win election?
• Formula of Amit Shah Je for election management?
• History of political system.
• Strategy of AAP for getting huge success?
• Formulas by which anyone can win the election?
• How kashiram Je Got success? Started from a govt. Service how he form India’s third largest Party?
• Difference between successful & failed Politician?
• Challenges in becoming a successful politician?
• What should we do to grow in politics?
• Team of the successful politicians?
• People who will never get success in politics?
• How to make team (team building) for election?
• How to generate funds?
• Some political mysteries of history?
• Representation of people’s act?
• How to influence voters? (Modern/Traditional ways)
• How to do shadow campaigning?
• How to do wave Building? • How to get ticket from different Political Parties?
• How to do election management?
• The topics on which public get influenced in election?
• Activities which you should do One year before the election?
• Activities which you should do six month before the election?
• Activities which you should do three months before the election?
• Activities which you should do one month before the election?
• How to grow in your party/Organization?

Fee Structure
Duration – 6 Months, Classes will be provided once a week for Three hours.
Admission Fee – Rs. 5,000/- + service Tax
Course Fee – Rs.65,000/- + service Tax

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